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The Process

Each piece is hand carved from a block of wax. The process involves use of a saw, sharp carving blade, dental tools, files and flexible shaft to carve the wax into the desired shape.


The finished carving has spruework attached. The sprues form passageways which allow the gold to flow into the carving.

Sprue Base

The wax and it's spruework are placed in a metal flask. The flask is filled with investment which entirely encases the piece. The flask is placed in a burnout kiln for 12 hours, reaching a temperature of 1350 F. The wax is entirely vaporized, hence the term "Lost-Wax casting." There is now an empty cavity in the investment where the wax used to be.


There are many types of casting machines. Pictured is the crucible of a simple centrifugal casting machine. The gold is heated in this crucible until it is molten and ready to flow. The hot flask is removed from the kiln and placed in front of the crucible. Centrifugal force throws the molten gold into the flask, filling the emtpy cavity.


home : process
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