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The jewelry created at Different Facets is designed by Ruth Morlocke, designer, goldsmith. Ruth's reserve collection in the eight cases at her store encompass many design styles. There are the soft, sweeping wave and sand looks of her Ocean Memories Collection ©, geometric/architectural structures with avant guard settings; ultra realistic orchids, birds, dogs, horses and wildlife; heart forms and abstract sculptures to be worn.

If you wish to have something designed for you, then you will meet directly with the artist - not a salesperson. You will be guided through a process of determining what style and meaning you want in your piece. . . perhaps some quick sketches of your ideas. The artist wants this to be a piece you wear all the time, that makes you happy and feels good to wear - this is what artists live for.

The next step is for Ruth to carve a wax model of the design agreed upon. Using the Lost Wax Casting method, the wax model will become the gold casting. Essentially, what you see in the wax is exactly what you piece of jewelry will look like, only cleaned up and finished on the surface, as only gold can look. No surprises as often happens when you approve only a drawing. If the model is approved, the sprueing, casting, finish work and stone setting are all done by the artist and her husband, your piece and stones are not jobbed out to other people or sent other places or made by a computer. The pieces are not reproduced in lesser metals and sold at cheaper prices. There are no sale mark downs. The work is priced fairly and right (not marked up, and then down again) No one will be wearing a piece purchased at a lesser sale price. Pieces can be one of a kind on request. Reserve collections are limited editions and are usually changed significantly if ever reproduced.

You don't have to search for the right piece, you can be part of designing significant jewelry that represents you. Fine diamonds and fancy gemstones are available. Visiting the Chagrin Falls store is like walking into a museum of wearable art jewelry, beautifully crafted handmade jewelry boxes and live orchids dripping from a water fall. (Ruth is also an accredited American Orchid Society Judge.) If you're interested in jewelry, this is an opportunity to see interesting jewelry unavailable anywhere else.

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