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Your vacation at the beach is glorious: full of warm sand, spectacular sunsets, and beautiful blue ocean. One by one, the stresses in your life drop away like sailboats disappearing from view. You sigh and think: If only there was a way to capture this feeling for all time; to carry a reminder of this beauty and relaxing warmth. Well, there is, because that's the idea behind Ruth Morlocke's new Ocean Memories Collection.

Morlocke is the owner of Different Facets, a jewelry store in Chagrin Falls that specializes in custom work. "We do everything from start to finish, from designing the pieces to carving, casting and setting them", she says. Her husband, Ben Yospur is a bench jeweler, goldsmith and diamond setter. All the jewelry on display was designed by Morlocke. "No one in the world has anything like this - just us", says Yospur.

Meant to evoke the mystery and romance of the ocean, the pendants and other pieces in the collection have names like "South Sea Waters," "Shoreline," and "Dreams of Tahiti." Some are adorned with black Tahitian pearls; others have curved lines reminiscent of waves. Brushed gold -- with "pebbles" made of little attached balls and diamonds -- resembles sand.

In early 2000, she was the only jeweler among 17 artists from the United States and Canada invited to take part in a six month show at the Smithsonian Institution.

"For me as an artist, the creating is the exciting part. My passion is in making things come alive," she says. Her niche is "designing unusual pieces for people that are going to have some kind of meaning in their lives." She says she can pick up on customers' needs even when they don't know exactly what they're looking for. "I try and really listen to what they want. I believe in jewelry that connects with it's owner."

Customers who visit her store may get to meet Stella, Morlocke and Yospur's French bulldog, who's the "official ambassador" of the business. Different Facets is located at 31 South Franklin Street (440-247-4866)

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