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Made in Chagrin Falls, for Chagrin Falls. Charming Chagrin Falls is a growing collection of charms, pendants, tie tacks and cuff links in 14k gold or sterling. The pieces are designed and handcarved by Ruth Morlocke, owner of Different Facets Jewelry. They depict Chagrin scenes of The Falls, the Bandstand, the Balloon Race, a paw print or three rolling pumpkins.

Different Facets is famous for it's custom design work and original design collections. They have exhibited in museums around the country including The Smithsonian. Jewelry lovers or those needing caring repairs, restoration or redesign need to visit Different Facets Jewelry at 31 South Franklin Street, one block South of  The Triangle in Chagrin Falls. 440-247-4866 - www.differentfacets.com
home : design : charming
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