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  • Designing to fit your lifestyle


    Things to consider. Will this ring - pendant - pin be for everyday wear or only special occasions?

    • If it is for everyday wear, how hard are you on your jewelry?
    • Does your career impose any restraints on your jewelry? I have doctors and health care professionals that need jewelry that can be worn under exam gloves.
    • I have mothers that want rings that do not have high prong settings that could accidently scratch their babies.
    • You may want to avoid filigree or channel settings if your job will constantly clog them up. (handcream, dough, dust, fibers)

    Your ring profile can be high or lower for a more active lifestyle. The setting you choose prongs, bezel, flush set, and pave might also be influenced by your lifestyle. Be sure to express any special needs to the designer (me!) so we can design your piece to be as durable as your lifestyle demands.

    If your lifestyle is based on comfort, try one of my square rings -  They are amazing. I usually wear four rings - three on my left hand and one on my right. I work all day and sometimes nights at the wax bench and the metal bench, carving and filing. I don’t take them off because I don’t need to. They are that comfortable and durable. The shanks (bottom half) of my rings are substantial, they don’t bend up or crack when you use your hands to work.

    Remember, there is more to true custom design than putting a stone in a setting for you.

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