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I believe in jewelry that connects with its owner. It has to be comfortable both physically and mentally. I want my jewelry to state something about the person wearing it, truly reflecting them. It could be soft sweeps of sand dunes and beaches they love or bold architectural designs to realistic flowers they garden or very personalized wedding bands. Jewelry ornamentation has symbolized many things in many cultures and has existed since prehistoric man. It is intrinsically human. The significance of choosing or designing the piece to represent you is important to me. Please visit me amongst the orchids and waterfall of my Chagrin Falls gallery showroom and working studio. Some of Ruth's invitational shows include The Smithsonian Institute, Cleveland Museum of Natural History in conjunction with The Gemfire Exhibit, Cleveland Garden Center, The AKC Museum, DeBeers Equine Art, Soaper Arts Gallery and Miami International.

home : the artist
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